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We are looking for a picture of the outside of a Church. Must be winter. Would like small, simple Church. Rural if possible. Bright natural light. This will be added to uncoated paper, so the picture needs to be light and bright. Thanks!

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9 years ago - Thank you everyone but the client didn't see an image that works for this project but found some she likes on her other requests. We will move our favorites to our collection for another chance to sell them there.
9 years ago - Thanks so much for the nomination !
9 years ago - They said that we will have 1-2 inches of snow this weekend. Please let me know if you like the church or not, I will try to take some more pictures with snow on the ground and post them on my portfolio. Thanks.
9 years ago - Please look at my pictures! You will love the unique architect (all wood and glass) in the top of the hill in the winter time (no snow at the moment). I'm sure you will love it. Thanks.
9 years ago - Nominate me! Pick me! Please! Thanks. :-)