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We need several pictures to use for wedding programs/bulletins. Rings, closed bible, hands, bouquet, and a cross would be acceptable. Would prefer staged shots. Only couples if they are turned from the camera so that you don't see the faces. Want images that anyone can view and call it their own. No shoes or sandals please.

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Religion Still Life
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8 years ago - I have so many images that might work for you, so hopefully one of these uploads works for you. I'd be blessed to know we were able to provide one used to encourage Christ-centered marriages!
8 years ago - Thank you for the nomination!!
8 years ago - Thank you for the feedback! I will give it another go!
8 years ago - maria aklian - We will be using this on a wedding program. So it needs it be elegant, pretty and something that any bride and groom would love. They will add their personal wedding information in the inside of the 8.5 x 11 folded paper.
8 years ago - Is there a specific type of picture you are hoping to see?
8 years ago - Would prefer closed bible, but will consider open if it's KJV or NIV. Thanks!
8 years ago - Sorry for mistake on shoes w a few posted!
8 years ago - You say in the brief "closed bible." Will you accept open bibles?
8 years ago - Remember no shoes, sandals or faces. I should also mention that the bulletins will be sold to Churches and Christian bookstores. So keep that in mind when you are adding pictures for me to pick from. Thanks much!!