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I am looking for creative & diverse lifestyle images of college students.

We are looking for about 20 images ($35/image) to use for a local college campus campaign geared toward sleep awareness. We would like to see some great images of people that suggest college environments. Looking for diversity (tattoos, unique individuals, different ethnicities, etc.). Would like images of people but faces don't necessarily have to be showing. Audience should be people aged 18-24 (undergraduate students).

Here are some other specs for images:
-Preferably full color
-Images that allow some breathing space to design within (textured background/white space/etc)
-Going for a cutting edge/hip look that would attract this age group
-Subject areas my campaign will address: health, academic success, beauty, sex life, etc.
-Here's an inspiration Pinterest board of the visual language I will be creating (image plus hand-drawn elements relating to the dream state of sleep):
-I don't necessarily need pictures of students sleeping unless they are super unique or interesting or sleeping in a weird place. General stock images seem to have this category covered.

Some will be used for web and a few for posters so please submit high res files (approximately 3300x2500px or 8.5x11in).

Please see for more info on the "Shuteye" project.

Thank you!


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8 years ago - Thanks for the nomination!
8 years ago - Looking for images that specifically address the following: Creativity (engineer student, etc): Poster text will read "Sleep boots creativity" Health (exercise): "Sleep is essential for complete fitness" Beauty: "Find natural beauty through sleep" Academic Success: "Bump your grade with sleep"
8 years ago - Hey all! Thank you all for great submissions! I'm still looking for a few more images that are in portrait format for posters. It's ideal if images are of high quality, but do not "feel" like stock imagery, but instead could have been taken at your local college campus.
8 years ago - Thanks! For the nod!
8 years ago - Thanks so much for the nomination!