Life's best moments

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We need authentic photos of "Life's Best Moments". Please be creative and give us your best interpretation of this concept. Will possibly need more than one image. Subject should be engaged with photographer - looking at camera if possible (sharing a moment with the photography and not just a stock shoot). Images should be of adults ages 20's-30's.

Here are three ideal scenarios to use as inspiration as well:

1. Enjoying a gig/concert/music event
This one is most important to us. Attention grabbing crowd/audience image, focused on two or three people actually having the time of their lives, lost in the moment, dancing like no one's watching. Background should be dark/inside. Not cropped too closely. Age range mid-20s to mid-30s. Nothing too over-the-top or crazy (no crowd surfing).

2. An urban proposal
An authentic-looking marriage proposal in a busy urban/metro environment. A couple lost in the moment, totally in love - one of life's most incredible moments. Lots of background, not cropped too closely.

3. Quality family fun time
A shot of a small family enjoying their time together, on a day trip or at a special event. Preferably inside or with a dark environment. Adults should be mid-20s to late-30s. Not cropped too closely. Attention-grabbing.

Additional Requirements
Orientation :
Environment :
Lighting :
Space For Copy :
Photo Size :
8MP+ (ex: 3264x2448px+)
Model Release :
Required (if applicable)
Couples Families Leisure Music People
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7 years ago - Just how do you get a an 8mp photo of a group of people indoors without it being a close up????
7 years ago - @Loriann - Thank you very much for the invitation. :-)
7 years ago - Thanks for the invite! I will see what I can get on this short notice!
7 years ago - Thanks for the invite .. Will get my lenses on and friends help me for this one ..
7 years ago - Thank you for the invitation! Unfortunately I don't have anything to submit described in your brief.
7 years ago - Thsnks for the invite! I'll check my archives to see if I have anything that matches your needs
7 years ago - @loriannamplondon Thanks for another invitation to work with you. We'll work on capturing new images this weekend for your needed locations.
7 years ago - Thank you for the invite
7 years ago - For everyone receiving file errors: Depending on the editing software you have used, sometimes the information that tells our system the pixel dimensions of your photo does not get properly saved. Usually, resaving your mobile image using a different program can remedy this issue.
7 years ago - Tried again. Won't accept 8mP photos
7 years ago - Hoping to extend, guys. Thanks for all your help!
7 years ago - it uploads only 8m+. 8,5 will be ok
7 years ago - Had this problem too, but you can just use app "image resizer"
7 years ago - Same here
7 years ago - Something's off... I keep trying to upload actual 8MP images, but it keeps bouncing them back...
7 years ago - I have a few 8 mp pics but they still say too small. Guess I'll sit this one out.
7 years ago - Is there any chance you could lengthen this request? 24hrs isn't much time to get the shots you're after...?!
7 years ago - Read the brief, people.
7 years ago - Weird. Says photo not large enough. But is exactly 8mp