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Summer its almost here and that means time for outdoors. Lets see tents, vans, cabins, mountains, fires, outdoor food, trees, dogs and everything camping/cabin related.
Please don't post photos of recognizable faces since the I'll be looking for images to print for decorating my apartment, but most importantly let's have fun while shooting.

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7 years ago - Tried to submit photos several times, but was not able to due to a broken model release component
7 years ago - @Luis - Thank you very much for the nomination!
7 years ago - HI I have a great photograph of a cabin but cannot sumbit here as I have to level up first. Would love to send it you? If you would like to see it please nominate me. Kirsty Ho. Thank you.
8 years ago - I have much higher resolutions of the photos I submitted -
8 years ago - Thank you so much for the nominations!!
8 years ago - These pics are great. I appreciate the nomination and hope you find what you're looking for!
8 years ago - Thank you so very much for the nomination!
8 years ago - Thanks for the nomination. I really appreciate it.
8 years ago - Thanks for the nomination. Very cool
8 years ago - Thanks for the nomination.
8 years ago - Thank you so much for the nomination! Greatly appreciated! @luisalberto
8 years ago - Yes it is a little quirk, but you can change it after you submit them by going to photo manager.
8 years ago - Yes. Do what Lydia is saying. I missed out on so many briefs because I thought I couldn't enter if I didn't have a model release. You don't need one. Just mark yes. It's a Snapwire quirk:).
8 years ago - I see that a lot on Snapwire. It's not broken, only set up that way when the request was made. I suggest just answer "yes" so that you can submit. It will be figured out that you didn't have a model or need a release form.
8 years ago - It looks like the Model Release part of the submission form is broken. You can't get past the first page without clicking yes, and then the second form requires you to say you have a model release. Even for photos with nobody in them!