Candid music lifestyle imagery

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We continue to look for candid "in-the-moment" photography, this time with a music focus.
-nostalgic pics of kids playing instruments
-teenagers playing in garage bands
-first concert photos (probably not a cool concert - think like teen girls at a N'Sync or something) 
-groupies? (Phish Heads/ ppl who travel to see their favorite bands) 
-photos that look like friends are posing for an album cover
-friends listening to music/ records 
-any fashion related to music (grunge, punk, hip hop) 
– Headbanger type image of a guitarist
– Person dressed up in an usual costume clearly at a music festival
– Friends playing music in a backyard / campfire
– Photo from "my first concert"
– A dj or person spinning records

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7 years ago - Should be closed, not in review if there was a purchase. @Lisa_reimer, Did you get paid?
7 years ago - Well she did purchase!
7 years ago - Too much of this going on.
7 years ago - I see what you are talking about Manuel
7 years ago - Hmmm... she's following herself.
7 years ago - If you have concerns with this buyer, or any buyer, I strongly suggest that you send a message to the team.
7 years ago - I agree. Just bating people by using high price points. Not cool.
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