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We are looking for candid imagery of the following:

- candid cool imagery of big moments in one's life including: weddings, birthdays, new baby, new house, parties, kid's play, sports, prom, etc.

- candid pics of friends or families on a trip together (camping, beach, city, amusement park, etc)

- baby photos (of the same baby) in different age and environments

- preparation of a big event. (ex. prepping for a big family dinner, school play, trip, sporting event - includes photos during the event as well)

- cute charming photos shared between a couple (i.e. date places, etc)

- photos of people standing in front of camera holding a sign

- friends eating local food in countries around the world.


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Messages posted by users

8 years ago - @kevin campbell ok now i understand, thanks for clearing this up, I have noticed that too. Also I am on image brief, and this request is available there Aswell by the same user
8 years ago - @Fotografie-Bontekoe I always look at the history of a user before submitting my images for any request. If a specific user has a long history of making "requests" but never making a purchase, I don't submit. I value my work and don't participate in selling my images any discounted subscription.
8 years ago - @Kevin Campbell Just wondering about your question, what do you mean by that if i may ask you? Greetz Rina
8 years ago - To Maggie Lynch Agency-Not sure how to address permission release of challenge. I submitted a few of crowd & parade.I don't know anyone.Since the details said "no model permission necessary",I checked off no recognizable people in order to submit since only other choice was "yes I have permission".
8 years ago - Any chance of getting a block filter in for photographers to ignore requests from specific "buyers"? We don't want to waste our time reviewing catalogs for requests from "buyers" who never purchase from the "requests" they post. Thanks!
8 years ago - I submitted, too, photos of my baby at different ages
8 years ago - i have submitted 5 photo's of the same baby/child i have much more on my portfolio, take a look and perhaps you can use some of these
8 years ago - I submitted 3 photos of the same baby at different ages and environments, more on my profile! thank you!