Lifestyle Imagery

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Moments / Lifestyle Needs. Talent: All ethnicities, kids or adults up to mid-30’s.
Autumn: Dog or person jumping in leaves, Frost on tree branches or leaves, friends or Family baking in the kitchen, Friends and / or family Thanksgiving
Winter: Hot Cocoas in front of a fire, Someone bundled in too many blankets
- Feet wearing thick socks in front of the fireplace
- Coat rack with winter jackets, boots and gloves
- Hot Drink in Glass Mug, Person struggling with snow suit
- Snowman being built, Snowball Fight
- Dog running in snow
- Friends Sledding, Person Snowboarding
- Icicles, Someone firing of a roman candle
- Couple kissing at midnight
- Person running / Exercising
- Healthy Meal, New Year’s Day
- Someone holding up a dollar bill
- Kid’s Handmade Valentines
- Cute Couple sitting on a stoop
- Goofy Person holding a rose in mouth
- Valentine’s Day
Spring/Summer: Person setting a clock ahead
- Person holding up a fresh bouquet of tulips or crocuses, Tulips or daffodils in a mason jar at a restaurant, Person sitting on a porch swing, Snow melting, Person posing in rain with umbrella, Person posing in rain without umbrella, Person jumping in puddle, Person riding bike, Young people Jumping into lake, Person drinking lemonade in the park, Young person making a mess eating ice cream, Friends gathered around beach bonfire ,Young people at picnic doing something silly with food.

Closed because I no longer need visuals for this project

We didn't find the right one - but thanks so much for the submissions!

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Lifestyle Portraiture Reportage

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8 years ago - Closed because I no longer need photos for this project. We didn't find the right one - but thanks so much for the submissions!
8 years ago - hi, a lot of picture needs, do you take one of all these...................