New York Environmental Portraits

For Commerical use (online and subways
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- Looking for color horizontal imagery of the following New Yorkers, shot on location.
- Environmental Portraits
- Model Released
- Location Release (if applicable)
- available for commercial usage
Five (5) Images total: We are looking for images of New Yorkers that are the "backbone of New York."

- waiter
- stockbroker
- architect (on site)
- dancer
- musicians (jazz)
- traffic cop
-A construction worker
-Subway Conductor
-Fashion Designer
-Musician (street or in a club - not Lincoln Center)

Additional Requirements
Orientation :
Environment :
Lighting :
Space For Copy :
Model Release :
Required (if applicable)
Location :
New York, NY, United States
People Portraiture Reportage
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Messages posted by users

7 years ago - By "hero" I mean a straight on shot.
7 years ago - The brief shows that it's not all Heros. The backbone of the city. Waiters, musicians etc
7 years ago - Can you please be more specific as to the use of these shots? For hero shots the models normally won't consent unless they know what they are for. Also do the shots need to be "hero" shots?
7 years ago - Just wish there was more time on this. I could rock them all out by Friday.
7 years ago - Just to clarify, are you looking to purchase all 5 photos from one seller for $1000 or are you purchasing 5 photos from separate sellers for $1000 each?