Outdoor Activities

Buyer review complete, Marketplace review

We are looking for epic imagery of people doing things outside; non-posed candid, beautiful imagery.

• Images should be epic, yet not generic.
• Images should draw you in, almost make you feel like you’re part of what’s happening… probably including humanity in some way (as opposed to a pretty starlit shot of Joshua Tree) in the first shot.
• Activities should seem obtainable, so we want them to be able to feel like they could participate in whatever activity may be going on in the image.
• Where possible, images should be culturally relevant in multiple places 

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Messages posted by users

9 years ago - You're selling your pictures on an app. Chill out, guys.
9 years ago - Buyer is obviously casting a wide net (they set budget) to see what comes in on Image Brief compared to Snapwire. On SW we give you 70%. Worth noting that we offer the Buyer a RF license and historically Image Brief offered a RM license. Just saw that they now offer RF licenses too. chad@snapwi.re
9 years ago - I believe you Chad. Why would the client pay more another site compared to this site, I've seen on this a couple of different sites. I understand business, you have cost and need a cut, just seem much larger than others.
9 years ago - The client is the one who sets the price, not Snapwire.
9 years ago - Submit to both places? I don't think so. If I did they would buy the images here, and I would make less. I will not be posting to this brief, in fact I'm not sure I will be post to any brief anymore, this nickel and dime $10-$125 briefs are a joke.
9 years ago - Interesting... Probably wouldn't hurt to take Alan's advice and submit both places
9 years ago - Well you know what to do submit the same photos here and on image brief and you might win both of them best of luck
9 years ago - Hi Dustin, I use both snapwire & imagebrief & have noticed the same. Snapwire offer less money per request but run lots of fun $ challenges, which means there's something to enter daily. I think snapwire is an amazing concept, not only can you make money but you can have super fun with it too
9 years ago - Why does www.imagebrief.com have this same brief for $1500, paying the photographer $1050.00 after their commission and Snapwire pays only $750?