Super Macro Photography

Maggy Lynch
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Looking for super macro photography and footage

I am looking for the following images – hoping you can help me!

We are looking for super macro photography of the following:
- outdoor equipment
- construction equipment
- tabletops
- furniture
- wood surfaces
- electronics (computer, laptops, etc)
- exteriors



Messages posted by users

9 years ago - Buyer where are you? Hundreds of submissions for your ten dollar request and no action from you?
9 years ago - No nominations?
9 years ago - Can confirm, it is on imagebrief - must be larger photos than here to be able to submit.
9 years ago - Hey I have some more macro photos on my profile but was only able to upload 2, I have a 15x and 10x zoom and would be happy to take photos of anything you'd like so feel free to contact me
9 years ago - Can we please tell us why you're paying 10$ when you're paying 250$ on another website!
9 years ago - Thanks for heads up!
9 years ago - Same request on paying $175 (take home after cut).