Various closeups and surfaces

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We are looking for stills and footage of a variety of things including landscapes, macro shots and surfaces.

Footage + Stills:
- Avalanche
- Rocks Falling
- Macro Shot of Dust
- Water Droplet (Slow Motion) falling from a glass onto a wood table
- Fingers tapping at something
- Finger closing a wood cabinet
- Macro close up of surfaces (wood, construction equipment)
- Macro shot of human hair
- slow motion of rotting wood
- Beautiful Furniture
- Lab Guys using a gauge tool
- tractor in the rain
- Construction equipment
- beautful table wood grain
- wood worker in wood shop
- close up of someone using a device (computer, laptop or phone)

Nature Landscape Technology Objects Industrial

Messages posted by users

9 years ago - Buyer where are you? 631 submission for your ten dollar request and no action from you?
9 years ago - This brief is entirely too general though. They should have made separate requests for each subject they wanted. This way things get lost and overpowered.
9 years ago - Everything between an avalance and a macro shot of human hair? Weird.
9 years ago - Yes, agree. It's a little frustrating because it buries the photos of those who attempt to follow the directions. I get sometimes that your vision of what the requester wants doesn't always match up, but that's different than just slapping a random photo of something not even close to topic
9 years ago - I swear that 97% of people don't read the brief at all and just upload random photos from their iPhone photo albums. By the looks of it, some done even read the title.