Business Car in fancy family driveway

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European business car parked in front of a sophisticated family home.

We design a car accessory and app which is exclusively geared towards the German market. We are looking for an image which can become part of the slider carousel to be implemented at
With this image, we would like to tell the story of a business man or woman who returned home after the day's work. They are successful, yet have taste. They are clever and use a smart new technological solution for a rather boring, tax-based problem.
The car make used must be European: Audi A5 or A6 preferred, VW Passat, C or E class Mercedes, 5 series BMW. The house and driveway also needs to transport a central European look.

We found a sample picture of which we can not obtain the rights for, find it attached.

There is plenty more to shoot, including models interacting with the app and 'testimonials' depicted in front of their business cars in a business environment. Get in touch!

Looking forward to your ingenuity,



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9 years ago - Due to inactivity by the creator of this request, it has been closed by Snapwire.
9 years ago - Hey there, do you have any suggestions for what might make a photo to your liking? Figured since nothing came of this yet that submissions may not have sufficed. Thanks!