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"Tomorrow's technology in the making" for Twitter and Facebook header

BetaList lets early adopters get a sneak peak of tomorrow's technology. We need a photo for our Twitter and Facebook pages. Photo can be anything from a startup workspace, to a blueprint or someone sketching an iPhone app interface in their Moleskine notebook.

Be creative. I'm open to anything. Ideally it's overall visually interesting (not just one specific part of the image). On the Twitter page our logo will be layed on top of it in the middle and on the Facebook page the logo will cover part of the left bottom corner of the photo.

Our tagline is "Ahead of the curve."

Keywords: future, technology, software, prototype, creative, entrepreneurship, sketching, making, behind the scenes.

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8 years ago - Thanks for the purchase. Congrats everyone
10 years ago - Nice submissions everyone.
10 years ago - Wow
10 years ago - Thank you very much for the purchase!
10 years ago - I ask to @snapwire what think about it.
10 years ago - I think there should be a tacit code of mutual fairness between the participants to the request. It's not correct submitting a identical photo copying the idea of another participant in the request.
10 years ago - Thanks for all the submissions every one. The request has now closed and I've picked Kyle's photo.
10 years ago - Ctrl+c..ctrl+v...submit...nominated...purchased! you could change at least the "A" logo.. There are so many letters..
10 years ago - Thank you for the nomination!
10 years ago - Marc are you still looking for other images?
10 years ago - A quick sketch. Hope it's somewhere along the lines of what you're looking for. I can make alterations if desired.
10 years ago - Crtl+C...Ctrl+V...
10 years ago - @Marc, Thank you for the nomination!
10 years ago - @marc is there anything different you would like to see with my setup?
10 years ago - @USEEMYVIEW Thanks for accepting the invite. Looking forward to it!
10 years ago - Thanks for the invite Marc I will have something for you soon
10 years ago - Thanks for all the photos everybody, but so far these are pretty much all too conceptual. Please have a look at the included example images. They show part of a creation process (or its environment).
10 years ago - Thank you Marc! Important comments to upload better images fit in what do you need !
10 years ago - Marc, thks for your feedback. It is important to hear from the client... I will follow ur guideline for new entries... :-)
10 years ago - That all said, thank you for your submissions so far. I'm looking forward to see the rest!
10 years ago - I also noticed some very abstract images. Although they might work with supporting copy (e.g. "Future in the making"), they won't communicate well on what they will be used for. The image really has to speak for itself.
10 years ago - I see some photos of buildings being built. Although conceptually it's indeed the 'future in the making' it is not something our audience will be able to identify themselves with so it doesn't work on an emotional level. People programming, sketching, designing, etc will work better.