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We're looking for a casual selfie-style photo (no filters, not posed), featuring an attractive high school or college aged (14-23) woman.

She should look like she is having fun. Nothing serious/sad please.

Picture should be clear and hi-res. Doesn't actually have to have been taken by a mobile phone.

In the examples, the girl with the ice cream cone against the red is the right look -- young and attractive, but feels too stock-photo-like. The second example is not bad, but her facial expression is too serious.

Additional Requirements
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Environment :
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8 years ago - is there a problem?
8 years ago - Thanks!!
8 years ago - What does it take to get nominated??
8 years ago - @rubyjade00000 There may be a setting you need to change. I will email you to find out more specifics.
8 years ago - Thanks so much for the nominations! :)
8 years ago - Thanks for the nomination!
8 years ago - @Matt - Thank you so much for the nomination, it's greatly appreciated! :-)
8 years ago - Thank you
8 years ago - why can't I get bigger pics on my cell phones 😢 can't add
8 years ago - I agree. Some great shots
8 years ago - I love this challenge. So many beautiful faces!