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We would like to see a person holding a smartphone or tablet in casual or business meeting environment. Think of a modern way to do meetings. Please show the screen.

Smart devices are now essential in meetings. A great way to convey it is to show a creative or professional meeting with people using smart devices. This can be any kind of meeting. Not necessary office or corporate look, can be very casual, young crowd. We're looking for shots of people using either iPhone, Android phone or tablets. Would want to see the screen and the person holding the device. Shots with other people in the background, large groups and blurry backgrounds will definitely be considered 1st! We will edit the device's screen to show certain apps.

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8 years ago - @mattrichard thank you very much for the purchase and for the positive rating. I'm so happy! Thank you @snapwire for this awesome opportunity :)
9 years ago - Are you guys looking for more images? Would love to submit more of need be!
9 years ago - @mattrichards Yay! thanks for the purchase!! will always remember this one as the first sale!! will be happy if you let me know once it's used :) so i can show off ;)
9 years ago - Thanks for the purchase guys! Really appreciate it. Check out the Premium Collection for more of the same setup just different devices and layouts. Would love to sell a few more!!
9 years ago - Thank you so much for the purchase!
9 years ago - Yay, my first sale! Thank you so much!
9 years ago - Thank you for the nomination!
9 years ago - Little tip: bright photos with blurry backgrounds are welcomed. We need human element in the photos, interaction, busy table, preferably no recognizable faces.
9 years ago - @mattrichards Please let me know if there are any changes you'd like to made on the nominated pic so it will get closer to what you're looking for...
9 years ago - Thanks for the nominations Yoav! Anything I can do to change or add to the current shots to help you guys see something closer to what you're looking for?
9 years ago - Hey! thanks a lot for the nomination, I'm glad you like it! honored to be nominated out of so many great pics.