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OROGOLD is a luxury skin care brand with over 100 stores in some of the most popular travel destinations worldwide. To celebrate and promote this, we're looking for high quality images that capture the beauty of the cities where OROGOLD stores are located. The photos should feature well known attractions in the area, capture the city's luxurious side or reveal golden details found around the area. All current locations are listed here:

We will send products to be included in the image upon request. Those photographers who include products in their images will be credited on Instagram.

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7 years ago - I want to submit a photo for Abu Dhabi, but i'm still in the explorer phase, how can i submit my photo please? or how can i level up quickly?
7 years ago - Submitted photo for Singapore, Marina Bay Sands. 😊
7 years ago - To request a product for your photo, please send your Snapwire profile and photo concept to You must tell us which product you will use for your photo and where the photo will be taken for consideration.
7 years ago - Thank you so much for your nomination of my photo of London! 🙏😊
7 years ago - Thank you for nominating my photo of Flat Iron Building 👍🏻😘
7 years ago - Please let me know how to request products for the shot. I would like to place them in some of my shots as well. Thank you!
7 years ago - I would like to request products for the shot.
7 years ago - I would like to request products for the shot.
7 years ago - I would like to request product for the shot
7 years ago - What is the procedure for receiving the products?