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We are looking for various images that represent iconic and unique locations in Australia for a series of wall wraps in our Sydney office. The more unique the better Some sample images might include: Sydney opera house, the outback, kangaroo in the wild, local and metro cultural imagery welcome too.

Must be Hi-Res image for a large scale wall installation.

Additional Requirements
Orientation :
Environment :
Lighting :
Space For Copy :
Photo Size :
4MP+ (ex: 2272x1704px+)
Model Release :
Location :
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7 years ago - What is taking so long in choosing a winner??
7 years ago - How do we know which one ended up winning?
7 years ago - Lovely pictures! I just want to go back to Australia! So in love with that beautiful country!
7 years ago - @mbanut Thanks for the nominations :-)
7 years ago - @mikhael Banut: thanks for the nomination I was very pleased with this shot and even more so in black and white once again thank you for the nomination
7 years ago - Much obliged for the nomination :)
7 years ago - @mikhael Banut have uploaded some great shots for you to consider hope you like them
7 years ago - Thanks for the nominations!
7 years ago - Thanks for the invite and for the Nomination. Cheers.
7 years ago - Thanks for the nominations, let me know if you want anymore, I reached my limit and still had some nice ones to submit - great request :)
7 years ago - Wow, great request. Australia is a matter of heart for me :)
7 years ago - Oops - reached my limit and I have so many more :-(
7 years ago - Thanks for the invite.......lets see what we have :-)
7 years ago - Thanks for the invite!!
7 years ago - Thanks for the invite. I will shoot some more this weekend for you and hopefully you'll like one of them :)
7 years ago - Will the photographer be credited?