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We want authentic photos of people traveling by bike.

Adventure Cycling Association is dedicated to promoting travel by bicycle. This typically includes specific types of bicycles (touring bikes) with specific types of equipment (Panniers, trailers, etc.). The photos can be of people traveling by bike on pavement or dirt (ultralight bikepacking). The scenes can be of them riding, setting up camp, cooking camp meals, interacting with people (asking directions, etc.), or anything that someone on a long-distance bicycle trip might do. WE ARE NOT INTERESTED IN PHOTOS OF BICYCLES. WE WANT PHOTOS OF PEOPLE RIDING BICYCLES. The scenes can be staged but they should not look artificial: no waving to the camera, posing by mountain pass signs, or anything cliché like holding bikes above their heads as if celebrating an achievement. Please, no casual or beach cycling. All cyclists in the photos should be wearing helmets. We use photos that reflect the reality of bicycle travel and this includes joy, frustration, challenges, and gratification.

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