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App to buy coffee with your smartphone
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Dear Artists,
We are launching a mobile app for independent coffee shops and coffee lovers.
We need a set of pictures for our app, website and marketing support docs.
The art direction is summarised in the next keywords: people; connectivity; coffee shops; social app; coffee.
I think that what really is important, is that we feel like we are capturing a moment. That is the thing that we really like about those kind of pictures. Usually (but not always) the model on the picture is way too close to the camera, this enhances the “natural” look of the whole picture. Actually, we get the feeling that this is a friend who took the picture. It looks real.
You can have more examples of the kind of picture we are looking for on any of those "social" app website such as spotify, soundcloud, airbnb, etc.
One more thing, we are launching in a big city in Asia, even though there's a big diversity (westerners and Asians), majority of the people should be Asians.

Here are random ideas of possible "scenes":
group of friends in a coffee shop;
a professional man or woman going to work with a cup of coffee;
one hipster (maybe carrying a camera and a macbook on a terrace enjoying a coffee;
2 girls having a coffee together, but bored and looking at their phone;
and maybe one person at the counter interacting with barista

If you need more details, please contact us:

Thanks !

Additional Requirements
Orientation :
Environment :
Lighting :
Space For Copy :
Model Release :
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9 years ago - Thank you very much!
9 years ago - @mehdiferradj - Thank you very much for the nomination!
9 years ago - Hi! I've got more coffee photos in my portfolio, take a look!