Golden Gate Bridge

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Need a fresh perspective of the Golden Gate Bridge for use in a print brochure. Must be a vertical shot.

My client is expanding and has recently launched a new financial services office in San Francisco so I want an image of the iconic Golden Gate Bridge. The photos could show the bridge from unique perspectives. The sample images are close, but we'd like to have a vertical that will fit on half of a 8*10 brochure page with the image height being 10 inches. I will need to crop any horizontal image submitted to a vertical so be sure to submit the highest res photo possible, giving me the most flexibility for my crop. Feel free to ask me any questions.

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10 years ago - Wow thank you SO much for the purchase! Ahh :)
10 years ago - Hope you enjoyed the ones I posted - figured the most unique perspective would be from atop the bridge herself!
10 years ago - Hey Meredith! I'm uploading full res shots now :) thanks for the comment!
10 years ago - Thanks David!
10 years ago - Cool. Will repost with requires dimensions
10 years ago - Thanks for the great photos so far. They are all incredible. My brochure is a 8 inches by 10 inches at 300 dpi in a vertical layout. Because this is for print, I'd like the photos to be 3000 pixels high (if possible).