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Clutch is the Rdio of car ownership. We offer subscription access to a variety of vehicles for a monthly rate. We encourage our members to experience more in life and we'll provide the ride.

We are looking for images that capture special moments enabled by having access to just the right car.

Maybe it's that time you drove all over town looking for your daughter's favorite ice-cream. You didn't mind because you had that great convertible, the air was warm and the radio station just knew what you wanted to hear. Maybe it's the time you took the long way home from work because you had that sporty coupe, and you needed to test it out on some winding roads. Then there was that time you wend off-roading in that Jeep and found the most amazing secluded swimming hole.

The perfect image captures a special moment or memory. It's not vague. The focus of the image should be the people in it, or the moment itself and not the car. The vehicle should be at most 50% of the photo and at least 5%. Any car shown should be a modern, luxury sedan, modern sporty coupe, modern SUV, or modern Jeep (no Gremlins please).

The demo is 30's/40's families and couples. Income $80,000+. Style/image aware. Any people in the photos should be of average build, minimal tattoos. Think J.Crew and Anthropologie. Well read and live an active lifestyle.

Photos should be situational, and casual. Not overly posed, though somewhat posed is good. Warm and a little grainy is good. No iPhone or filtered photos.

Closed because I could not find the right visual for this project

These images didn't quite capture the experience focused content we were looking for.

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Automotive Couples Families People Transportation
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9 years ago - Closed because I could not find the right photo for the project. These images didn't quite capture the experience focused content we were looking for.
9 years ago - I went out and shot today for your request. Let me know if the new photos are closer to what you are looking for.
9 years ago - Thanks for the invitation! I had two that I thought you would be interested in. I will see what else I can do..
9 years ago - Thank you for the invite I will see what I can do :)