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I need one photo to illustrate "restaurants" as category of an online exploration guide.

The photo should illustrate a diner party at a restaurant. The photo should not focus on the people, but rather on the restaurant experience, food, ambiance, etc. It should be hip but "generic" enough to illustrate the whole category "restaurants". This city guide is for the province of Québec, so if you have photos of the area, great but it is not required.

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9 years ago - You're welcome :) Thank you for the nice picture!
9 years ago - Thanks so much for the purchase Mikael!
10 years ago - Thank you for the nomination!!
10 years ago - @mikaeltheimer Thanks for the nomination, Mikael! Looking through this request is making me hungry! ;)
10 years ago - Hi all, thanks for your submissions, great looking pictures! Haven't found what I'm looking for yet though. Refer to the picture in the description for the people / food balance. Neither should be the main focus of the photo, it's a combination of the 2 that I'm looking for. Thanks!!