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We are looking for hero photos for outdoor sportsman and hunting photos for a client's website re-design. Deadringer is a leading hunting manufacturing company who produces unique gear, tools, and other products for the outdoors man.

You can see their website here:

Feel free to ask me any questions.

Additional Requirements
Orientation :
Environment :
Lighting :
Space For Copy :
Photo Size :
4MP+ (ex: 2272x1704px+)
Model Release :
Adventure Lifestyle Sports and Recreation Wildlife
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7 years ago - What's up with this? If they didn't like any of the photos you'd think they would put it out for more photos
7 years ago - Still no update?
7 years ago - No updates?
7 years ago - Any updates?
7 years ago - Any update on when nominations or purchases will take place?
7 years ago - Update on this request nominations??
7 years ago - Just wondering why there's no nominator photos for this challenge
7 years ago - All. Things. Hunting.
7 years ago - I agree and this request should be open to all photographers. I have not leveled up enough to enter this challenge which is sad because I have some phenomenal photos of hunting. Hunting is my life.
7 years ago - ^^agree.
7 years ago - @millermedia I submitted 2 photos of my last hunting trip last year it's funny to see what some people think hunting is you can tell the people who have never even gone and just submitted a picture of an animal outside. Just wondering how photos get submitted and nominated?