Ordinary everyday moments

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Authentic scenes of the everyday; the ordinary, the simple things, the familiar.
It's important that it shows humanity (has at least one person in it / or part of it; e.g arms, legs, etc.). While the images should show the everyday, they should feel like a photographer has taken them.

For example,
can be house chores such as hands in a sink full of dirty dishes, raking leaves, mopping, making bed, getting the trash out, hanging the washing/holding laundry basket, mowing the lawn, etc.

Awake in bed at night, washing your hair, eating a burger out, buying a bottle of shampoo, small talks at the supermarket, getting home to a messy house full of life, a silly dance move, waiting in line at the bank, paying bills, etc.

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8 years ago - When do we know the winner? 😁
8 years ago - Smh silly silliness I've been batting zero lately over here lol!
8 years ago - Yeah i had one too of hands rolling dough removed. Im confused as well. I had another removed but it should have been. I accidentally posted to wrong request.
8 years ago - Our photos were removed because they're not ordinary enough : ) The same buyer just opened a similar request @FinchumFotos
8 years ago - I'm confused lol. My photo of cooking breakfast was removed when one of the sample images was making breakfast as well. Lol