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I am designing a website for a ticket selling and buying platform. This is tickets for all kinds of events: sports, theatre, festivals, etc.

The photo will need to be somewhat general because of all the different venues and types of events. Perhaps a close up of tickets in someones hands, two people holding tickets walking into a building or a group of people enjoying something? This is the "hero" shot for the website homepage so it will need to be a clear and clean photo.

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9 years ago - Because the buyer has not taken action, we will be closing out this request and curating for the Premium Collection. Thank you for participating! :)
9 years ago - I agree, is this request still going on?
9 years ago - @MeganFox - any follow-up on this request? Curious if any of the images submitted may be nominated or if the vision was not fulfilled. Thanks-
10 years ago - Any feedback on this request?
10 years ago - How are the photos looking?
10 years ago - I agree, another reference photo may be helpful. I'd love to keep working on this
10 years ago - Another reference photo by chance? Or any other guidance as mentioned? Definitely would like to try again-
10 years ago - Is there something else you are looking for because you re-opened the request?
10 years ago - I agree with Kyle, I am also enjoying the challenge so if you have any other suggestions I would be happy to try them out
10 years ago - Any thoughts? Would you like a different angle maybe? I tried using the reference photo but I can do them again if you'd like. Great challenge!