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We are looking for top-down/flat lay shots to modify on our end and use as social media posts. The photos should be shot directly from the top down so that our products (scratch tickets) can be quickly and easily superimposed over the top. As a reference, the first two images we show as inspiration (the one with the phone, notepad, and iPad, and the other with the computer and coffee cup) were purchased from Snapwire and we Photoshopped our tickets onto part of the surface. The photos should be unique on their own but leave space for the product to be Photoshopped in. We prefer interesting backgrounds (wood, patterns, textured colors, etc.) that have on-trend objects in the photo (Apple products, notepads/planners, coffee cups, etc.). No brand logos should be visible, and no children should be in photos. Hands can be in the photo but should not overpower the shot or make it hard to Photoshop in our product (for example, don’t take a photo of someone’s hand in a position where it looks like it’s holding onto something). Additionally, photos shouldn't include heavy color filters, as that makes it hard for our team to match a color filter for the ticket to look authentic in the photo. Photos without shadows (or heavy shadows) work best.

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