Beautiful Portraits of Age 50-70

Internal presentation
Buyer review complete, Marketplace review

PLEASE READ BRIEF BEFORE SUBMITTING SHOTS. Only shots that adhere to the requirements will be considered.

- Concept shot on dark background
- Artfully composed portrait
- Models aged 50-70
- Studied/Pensive (but not serious) OR joyful facial expressions

Creative Brief:
We're looking for photographs of men and women ages 50-70 years old. We need studio portraits with a dark background. We're looking for a mix of joyful and pensive shots that are artfully composed. Inspiration shots attached.Looking mostly for landscape shots but can potentially crop a vertical shot if it is shot on a black background.

Please secure a model release for people that appear in the shot.

Additional Requirements
Orientation :
Environment :
Lighting :
Space For Copy :
Model Release :
Paid Post to Instagram :
Inspirational Images

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6 years ago - This request is still in review @monnao, will you be nominating images from the substantial collection of submissions?
6 years ago - Hi, I got the model release form filled out under, under the Release app. Do we need to do anything more?
6 years ago - I was uploading and there was an error. Any chance you could add some time so that I can try again?
6 years ago - Would love more time for this! Just saw the request
6 years ago - @monnao too bad I saw this too late :( hopefully you'll put more time and I can shoot this
6 years ago - Great idea, @Lynnebook !
6 years ago - i like this
6 years ago - hey
6 years ago - Hi, I was just wondering if someone to explain how we go about submitting the model releases?
6 years ago - @Monnao, with so few days remaining, if you could nominate some images that are close to what you were hoping to see it will help us refine last-minute submissions to come closer to what you may have envisioned
6 years ago - @anettestewart Thank you very much!
6 years ago - For a release, go to your app store, and search Model Release, one will come up that is just called Release, and has a picture like a pen end on it. That one is easy to use.
6 years ago - Can anyone advise how to upload model release through Snapwire, is there any template to use? Is it at all needed at this stage or only if the picture is selected? Thank you!
6 years ago - @monnao Hello - we'd love to get more information on this. What kind of ad and what description of the look can you give us? Thanks!
6 years ago - @monnao can you tell me where the final images will be used? That may make a difference in the images I have access to.
6 years ago - Does it matter where the subject is looking ?
6 years ago - How many photos are you choosing? The description makes it sound like there will be multiple -- joyful and pensive.