Kale Power Salad

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we want a nice, clean product shot - a Kale Power Salad. Fresh kale, diced apple, and diced sweet potatoes, dressed with a light vinaigrette.

focused product shot on white plate or bowl, white background. complete image
no crop on plate or bowl.
potentially a limited field focus with the back of the salad just slightly fuzzy

Closed because I could not find the right visual for this project

the two "reason" choices provided are inadequate: the client has job on hold.

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9 years ago - No nominations for this request ?
9 years ago - I agree with Jill! Let us know what you have liked so we can submit exactly what you need
9 years ago - Yes I agree I'm happy to make adjustments if needed, let us know.
9 years ago - @Robin - if you nominate the images that are close to what you are looking for, it might give us a better idea of what you want/like. Most of the photographers would be happy to make adjustments based on your feedback.
9 years ago - Would you like to see more or less of the apple and sweet potato? Was the salad portion ok? Does the square bowl work or would you like to see a round bowl? I could do another shoot to tweak the presentation a bit, I don't mind... I enjoyed eating the end result!
9 years ago - no overhead shots, please.
9 years ago - this is my first time using Snapwire, learning the ropes, sorry for the delay in response, yes, sweet potato is cooked. Other than a light vinaigrette, no garnishes. Amazed at the variety of pics posted that don't even abstractly match the request. starting to see some possibilities. Thanks.
9 years ago - Let me know if you want the image un filtered. Thanks Matt
9 years ago - I'll shoot what I've got but just know, if you need anything else added or taken away it can be done. In the future I suggest posting an actual recipe. Your art direction is very vague.
9 years ago - Same question, also...any cheese or any other garnishes?
9 years ago - Is the sweet potato cooked?