Spinach Salad

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use white bowl or plate on a white background, show entire salad using approximate perspective of samples

salad MUST follow this recipe:
de-stemmed spinach leaves
mandarin orange segments
half moon cucumber slices
thin red onion slices
dressing: olive oil, red wine vinegar, salt & pepper

Additional Requirements
Orientation :
Environment :
Lighting :
Space For Copy :
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Food and Drink
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9 years ago - @Robin - thanks a lot for buying my picture..you made my day awesome,hope you got what u r looking for,all the best
9 years ago - Final choice selected and purchased (@SappiPen). Thank you to all who participated.
9 years ago - update: have a few issues that are delaying my working on this project. We will be purchasing an image soon. please forgive the delay.
9 years ago - @MegP - I hid/removed pics in order to reduce the number of shots for my client to review. some of the hidden pics did follow my request, but I just wasn't as happy with them as others… some didn't follow the request at all.
9 years ago - Curious why submissions were removed? Even though they weren't nominated is there a reason why photos were deleted that fit the request's description?
9 years ago - Thanks so much for the nomination!
9 years ago - Thank you for the nomination 👏🙏🏻
9 years ago - Good luck everyone! I sure did get hungry doing this challenge! Lol
9 years ago - I have a question on submitting a photo. My picture was taken indoors, but it when submitted it tells me it's not indoor. Don't understand what this means. Can you clarify, please?
9 years ago - Robin I will be staging the salad tomorrow that will hopefully meet your specs. Hope you find what you're looking for
9 years ago - Absolutely loved this salad! Delicious combination, thank you for this request, I hope my photo's will match your clients needs ☺️.
9 years ago - Thank you Robin. I really appreciate the feedback I will see if I can find time to redo it. My family like the first one :-)
9 years ago - @robinKeffe - although I really like the shot, client wants the salad to look more 'abundant' like the samples provided. Salad should be mounded on the plate. Also a plate with less lip showing and no bottle in the background preferred.
9 years ago - canned mandarin oranges (not fresh) sorry I didn't think to say that before.
9 years ago - Robin, if you would like a different type of plating or different plates (I have several white options) please let me know your preference...thanks for the request.
9 years ago - Thank you, Robin, for the nomination! (from another Robin)
9 years ago - If you wanted them any brighter or more saturated then just let me know. If they're not quite right then... I'll go any buy another mandarin!
9 years ago - Hi Robin,
9 years ago - @Stevewarwick.... Challenge accepted! Robin, you'll definitely get a good shot and may the best spinach salad to specifications win!
9 years ago - Don't worry robin, I'll get a picture exactly to spec and hopefully exactly to your taste! @MegP... Game on!
9 years ago - Great! Thanks for the info.
9 years ago - prefer full leaf de-stemmed or mixture of full leaf and baby. NO to anything other than plate or bowl and salad with dressing in the shot.
9 years ago - Also, do you only want the ingredients, including dressings, in the bowl or can simple glass bottles with the olive oil and balsamic be in the image as well?
9 years ago - Do you want full leaf spinach that's been de-stemmed or does baby spinach work?
9 years ago - Hi, Robin. Just a couple of questions...
9 years ago - I'm open to "chefy' as long as it follows the recipe and guidelines in the original request -- I'm amazed at the initial 6 postings that do not even remotely follow my request.
9 years ago - Hi Robin, in the inspirational picture the plates are jammed full of salad. Is this the style you're going for also or would something a little more 'chefy' suit? I can do the shots tomorrow once I've got all the ingredients!