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Hi, my name is Marcin and i am in early stage of developing my app. I would like to have couple of pictures done of the iphone using my app. Using main logo, default icon screen, etc.

here are the screenshots of my app

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6 years ago - Thanks you so much for nomination and buying it.
6 years ago - Thank you so
6 years ago - Thank you Angelique :😊
6 years ago - Its a good picture 👍🏻👍🏻concrads
6 years ago - Looks like it's already been bought, kids...
6 years ago - Can you provide a brief summary of what the app is designed to do? Based on the screenshot of the map with "yard work" it is matching workers with consumers in some sort, but will help.
6 years ago - Hi Marcin, many thanks for the nomination and for buying. You made my day. ;)
6 years ago - @m z. Post the link within your request.
6 years ago - @m z .. hello..I tried to open the link but it's not working .if you can share the right one i would like to work on your request..thanks
6 years ago - I am so sorry guys, I did not quite get the request.. Now i understand.. The images of my ap p you can find at: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/bhihvgcxenpqzyx/AAA11XhgxX8IgZ70oVXFUB0Ia?dl=0
6 years ago - Well, your app isn't starting off on the right foot ...
6 years ago - Which app are you talking about, please?
6 years ago - You need to supply some assets to work with Marcin, or else how are people supposed to show your app on the screen?
6 years ago - What is the app's name please?!
6 years ago - The app is only for iPhone or we can use others like Samsung
6 years ago - Need a bit more info please...
6 years ago - Hello Marcin. There is no mention of the app you want. Looking at inspirational photos, is it an uber app you are looking for?
6 years ago - Lol
6 years ago - What app?
6 years ago - What app is it? Do you want the screen blank or your app?