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We want photos of people working in the theatre, preferably backstage or at lighting/sound desks. Our brand represents these types of people, so we are looking for working shots in theatres. Can be single or group, no preference. Prefer darker environments, but flexible. Equipment shots (shots of lights with no people, for instance) are not desired, but would consider shots of theatres looking from backstage (see example). Definitely looking mostly for the people that make shows happen. Can be as simple as someone pushing a road case or a set piece or more complex.

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Messages posted by users

6 years ago - Understood. Thank you for the kind reply.
6 years ago - While I appreciate the sentiment, the nominated photos are simply because of quality. The fact that they have no people is less than ideal, but if you look at some of the submissions, there are photos of recording studios, construction sites, musical instruments and photo shoots. Not good.
6 years ago - The brief for this challenge calls for shots of people at work, not pictures of equipment. 2 of the 3 nominated shots have no people, only gear. They're good photos. I just wonder about the accuracy of the specs.