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We want interesting portraits of men or women who look like savvy creative/tech professionals.

The photos should have warm and colorful tones. We prefer looking into the camera but that's not a must. We would prefer an out-of-focus background of a home interior. A solid or minimal background is also acceptable. We are looking for subtle friendly expressions over extreme and an unrealistic expressions. The age range can be mature adult to adult. The clothing should be business casual to casual.

Keywords: Intriguing, Optimistic, Confident, Friendly

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9 years ago - Thanks again for the nomination! Hope my image works out!
9 years ago - Hi Karin! I missed your deadline but I have two awesome photos that may interest you. I uploaded them to my profile. Please check them out :) thank you!
9 years ago - Can more than 1 photo be purchased?
9 years ago - Thank you @SarahGale and thanks for the follow! :)
9 years ago - Thank you so much for the nomination! Excited to be a part of this!
9 years ago - @JADENVEE, Thanks so much! When your photo is selected as Premium, you earn 100 points, plus that image sells for a higher price in the Collection. I believe those are the only advantages, but I could be wrong.
9 years ago - Thanks for the nomination!
9 years ago - Thanks so much for the nomination!
9 years ago - I was wondering as well-what are the advantages of a photo being picked as "Premium"? @SarahGale btw-ur images are incredible!
9 years ago - Yes, @lizdemps11, keep posting pictures on Requests and Challenges to earn points, possibly get nominated if the buyer likes your shot, and ideally get purchased. Always read the creative brief carefully and only post pictures that line up closely with the buyer's request. Good luck!
9 years ago - Awesome*
9 years ago - I would love to nominate my main photo for the "intriguing men and women photos" but my pixels aren't 800:( it's too bad because that picture is pretty awake
9 years ago - Ok. Lol so I just keep posting pictures? And more options will be Available one day? If my photo gets nominated? I got picked as a premium photo.....? Still slightly confused
9 years ago - Photographers cannot invite Buyers, but Buyers can invite Photographers if the Photographer is at a certain level. Photographs get Nominated by the Buyer.
9 years ago - I'm still learning myself...if anyone could help
9 years ago - How do people get nominated?
9 years ago - Still new to this.... How do I invite buyers?
9 years ago - Thank you so much!
9 years ago - That sounds crazy I did use a photo of me and my husband ... Geez
9 years ago - Well not photo
9 years ago - I used a black and white photo
9 years ago - Would you be interested in black and white?
9 years ago - Thank you very much for the nomination!