People holding drinks

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We want photos of good looking people (young professional adults) celebrating, holding glasses, having a good time, on a rooftop, inside or outside.

We LIKE shallow depth of field, night, twilight and candid. Preferably vertical. Horizontal okay though. Must have people holding drinks in a glass!

We DON"T LIKE filters, iPhone pictures, HDR, noticeable brands or labels.

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9 years ago - The client said a couple of these were close but in the end she didn't find exactly what she was looking for. They found an image elsewhere for this project. Thank your for all your hard work. There will be another opportunity to sell them in our Marketplace.
9 years ago - If you still are looking I have a suitable photo on my page - photographer name Rachel Bananas two girls having fun drinks with straws @rachelbananas
9 years ago - @Pamela, submitted 4 photos. If you need different crops, etc., let me know...still have the original files and can adjust in Lightroom.