Celebrating life across Asia

FWD Insurance Brand Campaign
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FWD is insurance provider across the Asian markets and they are looking for imagery that showcases people celebrating life across Asia. These images could be of people enjoying new experiences. They could simply be spontaneous moments of joy and happiness. What’s important is that they are genuine and authentic moments of life being enjoyed to the fullest. Be vibrant. Be emotional. Be playful. Staged situations should be avoided.

They are looking for vibrant colors and rich textures. Natural light and realistic settings are the goal. The images should be a celebration not just of the people featured, but also of the real Asia.

Additional Requirements
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Environment :
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8MP+ (ex: 3264x2448px+)
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7 years ago - Many thanks for the support, nominations and purchases :-)
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7 years ago - Thank you for the nomination. I hope the composition and photo work for your need. Looking forward to see the result. :)
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7 years ago - So I have just started using this. I have uploaded my first picture. What's next wait for nomination?
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7 years ago - is only one picture got the reward
7 years ago - Any rules for the enyry
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7 years ago - tenho a foto que você precisa
7 years ago - @philipineill my pics might inspire.
7 years ago - Thanks for the Nomination.
7 years ago - i m using mobile camera and i m not capable to shoot photos 8 Mp its only 3 aur 4
7 years ago - Who to use photos for selling
7 years ago - thanks I will see if I can contribute, and hope to get some nomination ; )
7 years ago - @benbdprod Family is absolutely fine. In fact we find it can work really well to show a shared moment. One thing, though, is to avoid having people look direct to camera - we're very keen that this feels like 'observed' moments and not staged.
7 years ago - hi, is family ok if follow the brief I.e. mother and son