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Bloggers and the Media to showcase our App in use
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We want to show our App PokaMax in use. The screen mustn´t be dark. Closeup of hands using our App to create Postcards with phone, that we print.

The hands and fingers should not block to much of the screen! Our app should be seen on the phone. It should be a modern smartphone. Android, iOS and WindowsPhone (all fine).

Be creative and use some of your nicest shots to create a postcard-Collage in the app and take a photo of someone who is holding and using the app.

Simply download the App for free. Either search for PokaMax in the app stores or download the app here:

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8 years ago - many thanks for the nom! Waiting forward to seeing the chosen one!
8 years ago - Thanks for the nomination!!
8 years ago - Have uploaded a few different shots hope they suit torun needs also have the raw files as well great request
8 years ago - Thanks for the invite - uploaded a few options for you to choose from.
8 years ago - Thank you so much for the nominations!:)
8 years ago - Thanks for the invitation!
8 years ago - Thank you for the nomination!:)
8 years ago - Try to find a REAL use case and don't just use "any image" to fill a postcard. Try to create an AWESOME CARD in the APP and maybe a matching surrounding! It would be nice to have some FACES on the cards, better than "a random flower" We THANK ALL OF YOU for your SUPPORT and EFFORTS so far!
8 years ago - Would love to add to the mix here. Will see what I can come up with in the next few days and get back to you. Thanks for the invite.
8 years ago - @pokamax I uploaded a few photos a moment ago... let me know if they fit your vision. Hope I can help and you find what you're looking for!
8 years ago - Thanks so much for the nominations ;)
8 years ago - Thank you for the nomination
8 years ago - Thanks for the invite! I submitted a few images for you. Please let me know if you would like a different color background.