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RaceMyFace is looking for a background image - for its Website and App Login screen - best representing its core value. RaceMyFace is an iOS App which lets you win prizes by voting and boosting contest specific selfies. In short, contestants enter the contest with a selfie and the selfie best representing the challenge of the contest wins that prize - more at

We are looking for a photo (maybe someone clearly holding their phone to capture a selfie) which shows the concept of the selfie contest and winning prize associated by the contest. The inspiration images show the concept of the selfie, but lacks the contest prize. The selfie should be holding a prize and can be any object, tickets, gift cards, cash, etc.

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Messages posted by users

9 years ago - Thank you for all the nominations 😀
9 years ago - *like me
9 years ago - I'm a dweeb! I just realized my #1 is backwards...doh! It's really why people like shouldn't take selfies
9 years ago - Thank you for the nominations 😃
9 years ago - When did I say I didn't know what a selfie was? It's confusing because those nominated show nothing in terms of "winning" anything not to mention I don't think I'm the only one confused by it as there are over 700 photos submitted and 3 nominations. All people are seeing is the word SELFIE!
9 years ago - Why is it so confusing? Have you ever win something? Make a selfie of that moment, and upload it here. And if it is the best, RacaMyFace will use it on the website instead of the girl is there right now. (SELFIE means: picture of YOURSELF made by YOURSELF!!!)
9 years ago - What!? Yep defiantly more confused then ever!
9 years ago - No portraits please.
9 years ago - @asmith1021 - an example would be; a winner contestant taking a selfie him/herself with the prize. Or prizes waiting to be shipped with the winning selfies attached to them (difficult). Or friends on a same selfie with their winnings (prizes). I hope this helps.
9 years ago - @asmith1021 - we are looking for a picture witch best represents the app's core function. In short, users enter the contest with their selfies. the selfie best representing the challenge of the contest wins the prize. We'd like to see a selfie (s), a prize(s) and the contest within one image.
9 years ago - Both of the descriptions are confusing and unclear. You say you want a "background image" that represent he concept of a selfie but none of the photo submitted are what you are looking for...?
9 years ago - Thanks for the nomination. It was lovely to wake up to it this morning.
9 years ago - @MegP - head over to and subscribe with your e-mail address. We will send you the download link to the beta test program. Or e-mail me personally at and I'll make sure that you are invited.
9 years ago - To get a better understanding of the RaceMyFace app, any of you with an iOS device running on 8.1 can see and test-drive it. Just head over to and subscribe with your e-mail address. We will send you the download link to the beta test program.
9 years ago - Thank you for all the photos! Most of these pictures would look great inside our app, however we are looking for THE BACKGROUND IMAGE, what will be shown by entering the app or the website. We would like this image to best represent what the app is all about.
9 years ago - @stevewarwick - Prizes vary from $50 to $400 at the moment.
9 years ago - Are there any examples of the prizes to be had? Are we talking cars or a months supply of loo roll type scenarios?!?
9 years ago - I was looking forward to test driving RMF thru Test Pilot but I'm not being given access. Any tips to be able to do so? Love the concept!
9 years ago - This should be fun!