Playtex Baby

Playtex Baby
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We are looking for cool, fun, quirky, unexpected photos of babies and families. We are not looking for the cheesy, smiling shots you see everywhere – but the less typical shots that are candid, discovered moments. We’re aiming for the spirit of an Instagram feed of stylish, cool parents with a great eye and their adorable children.
We are looking mostly for babies, and also some toddlers.
We want babies alone, with parents, with pets, with stuffed animals, by themselves, inside, outside, in costumes… anything goes.

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6MP+ (ex: 2816x2112px+)
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Babies Lifestyle
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7 years ago - Sincere thank you for the purchases!!
7 years ago - Thank you so much for the purchase !!
7 years ago - @Richard Cardinali - BIG thank you for the purchase!
7 years ago - Appreciate the new nominations!
7 years ago - Absolutely loved this!! Thank you for the nominations! I am a children's brand and lifestyle photographer and would love to work with you guys sometime(:
7 years ago - Thank you for the nomination!!!
7 years ago - Nice photo guys. Check me out. Regards and thanks😊
7 years ago - @Richard Cardinali - Thank you very much for the nomination!
7 years ago - Thank you for the nomination
7 years ago - Thank you so much for the nominations! I am very honored!
7 years ago - Thanks :)
7 years ago - We are still reviewing images, that is why nothing has been nominated
7 years ago - Hi Richard, I noticed there are no nominated photos yet, which makes me think you're not seeing what you want so far. In your brief you mentioned Instagram. Are you looking for more filtered, stylized photos than what we have posted so far? Any additional guidance would be greatly appreciated!