Female Amish Models

Book covers, landing pages, misc.
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Looking for photos of women in Amish garb posing in front of an Amish country landscape.
Images may also be shot in front of a white background or green screen so the background can be dropped in.
Photo(s) to be used for book covers, landing pages, etc.

Closed because I could not find the right visual for this project

Additional Requirements
Orientation :
Environment :
Lighting :
Space For Copy :
Model Release :
Required (if applicable)
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7 years ago - Closed because I could not find the right photo for the project.
7 years ago - Amish wear bonnets but they are solid white or black.
7 years ago - Thank you for the nominations!!
7 years ago - Well, Ryan, I'm trying to get something together that follows your brief 😂😂
7 years ago - @ry80sbaby I'm sorry I wasn't able to fulfill the request! Best of luck!
7 years ago - Amish women wear bonnets, not hats!
7 years ago - @ry80sbaby There are three different colored dresses (yellow, purple, and blue) and two apron styles (half (black) and full (white)), hat on or hat off, looking toward or away from, inside or outside, to choose from.
7 years ago - @ry80sbaby I have a about two hundred images from my shoot to share. I've uploaded a variety for you to look at--if there are any that you think are close, but not quite, just let me know! I probably have something that will work.... cont. in next comment
7 years ago - You do realize old order Amish will not pose for a photo, it is against their faith. If you do plan on this the younger Amish might pose but you must ask.
7 years ago - Evidently not..
7 years ago - Don't people read the brief?