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The most important part of the image is the athletes face, it should be minimally cropped if at all and not obstructed by anything i.e hands or objects, and should be reasonably front on. They should not have any sport specific items on their heads/face i.e cycling helmet or sunglasses. They should depict emotion as though they are during said sporting activity and are pushing their limits, they should have a look of determination and not as though they are in pain or that they are finding it too easy.

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9 years ago - I had to go to my own training at a specific time to request the shoot. Please give me the opportunity to show you something you may just like.
9 years ago - I swear this said there were 6 hours left 3 hours before I went to submit. I was in the middle of a shoot ans got a real nice pic featuring a multiple time world champion. Is there any way this can be re-opened and more accepted. I am sure you will like.
9 years ago - @Ixsphoto I had to read it a few times but I think it's a request for a full shot with focus on the determination on the face... That's how I understood it (eventually!)
9 years ago - Are their age restrictions?
9 years ago - Please clarify- are you looking for just a close up of an athletes face or do you want their full body in the image as well?
9 years ago - Sorry, i understand than swim is too many speciphicali For your pourpose
9 years ago - If You can whait sunday or sarurday i have just organize a shoting in swimmkngpull with trhiatletic man. Tell me