The Big Day

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I need a hero image representing the little details of the "Big Day" for my new event website redesign. Capture the romance and festive mood.

Wedding reception photos that capture the the beauty of the day. A good use of light is very important. Include cakes, cocktails, table settings, votive candles, No recognizable couples, guests, or people, etc. Think details.

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9 years ago - THANK you for the two nominations - I appreciate it! :o)
9 years ago - Also, what you may not know is that when I nominate it acts as a my own favorite bucket on my end and resorts my photo feed. I asked SW when they are rolling out a lightbox feature and waiting to hear back.
9 years ago - Hi folks. I asked to re-open this. I did select some people photos. Ideally, I'll find an image that does not contain photos, but I if I see a photo that I think is worth the props - I give it.
9 years ago - Thank you for the nomination!
9 years ago - I have to agree with Ricky Dorn
9 years ago - Your request says no recognizable people. Your nominations show recognizable people, is that what you want?
9 years ago - Phillippe, thks a lot!
9 years ago - 😊 I agree
9 years ago - Wonderful submissions so far! It is exciting to see all the photos coming in.