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We need street/café/restaurant/hotel/floating market/market pictures of Thailand for a fashion lookbook. Natural light, no sun set or really contrasted pictures. Thank you

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7 years ago - @Marie Green just wander if you are going to buy some photos or if you didn't find what you need
7 years ago - @Marie Green Has I could only submission 5 photos, I have uploaded lot of shots taken today following your requirements, Please have a look and feel free to contact me. Thx
7 years ago - @Marie Green will you nominate some photos before the end of the request? I went out shooting in Silom and got few natural shot of restaurant and place.please tell me if I need to replace my entries
7 years ago - I upload some picture from my trip to China that I thought fit your request. I Hope you like them! Thanks!
7 years ago - I can only upload 5 pictures so I would appreciate if you could tell me if my submission are ok or not, if not I'll remove and upload, got shoot of restaurant interior with a bite of sea view, resort building, pool view,
7 years ago - Thanks I'm deleted the previous one and re-upload, please tell me if my submission fulfill your request
7 years ago - @benbdprod street restaurant, hotel interior and exterior building are good. no night pictures, we're looking for day light. Also we would prefer if there is no or very few people. We do need natural pictures. A couple pictures of famous building or locations is also welcome.
7 years ago - Do you need the picture to be natural , representing people as they are in the street or more sophisticate picture with design building and trendy place? The look is totally different and I don't want to upload the wrong pictures...
7 years ago - @Marie Green -Could you tell me in details what do you need? is street restaurant ok? street view day or night? Hotel interior or exterior building. I have plenty of photos and just want to satisfy you with what you are looking for but would need for details. Thx
7 years ago - Due to i only limited to 2 pics per brief, so if u would like more pics that related to Thailand, u can check my portfolio pics. TQ.