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I'm looking for hero shots and other pictures for a new website. We are residential property manager located in southern California. I'd like the website to portray the SoCal lifestyle - elegant, luxury, beautiful, relaxing, beach, palm trees, etc. I will use the images for my home page.

My users are either residential property owners (typically who own 3-5 bedroom condos or homes) or a potential tenant looking to rent. I want the property owner to feel comfortable that we are competent in managing their homes. So while I want the website to look elegant, I don't want the images to be over the top. Example: If you submit photos that show residential homes, make sure the homes are not super mansion type homes.

Please show me your best and most unique shots that is eye-catching yet realistic and fits this brief. Don't be lame and submit pictures that aren't relevant. That will cause me to mock you in the messaging comments section.

I am looking to buy 2 or 3 images. Thank you!

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8 years ago - I need a nominationšŸ˜€check mine pls
8 years ago - :) my pics
8 years ago - @S. Huang - Sweet, thanks for the nomination! :-)
8 years ago - @DomRubino Upload them to your profile page and I will take a look.
8 years ago - @S.Huang - I have tons of OC photos - residential interior/exterior, surf, aerial, cityscape. Please message me I could only submit 2
8 years ago - A few people who are too lazy to read the brief: @JonDoePhotos , @bigguy, @LawtonWolfe, @artimitateslife Please don't clutter my beautiful request with strange photos.
8 years ago - Thanks@S.Huang for the nomination
8 years ago - Great photos so far! We would like to see more evening or night shots (i.e. city lights) in OC/LA/SD.
8 years ago - Thank you for the nomination..
8 years ago - @shuang I uploaded some on my profile since I have reached the limit as a shooter. Hope you like it. Thank you so much for the nominations, much appreciated.
8 years ago - If you have homes that can match the description, please include these as well (exteriors, backyards, etc.) Thanks!