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We need a picture of a calendar on a desk. It will be uses as a web application background image.

Would love to see a simple desk calendar on a wood desk with an iPhone or Mac in the background.

We are developing a calendar applications.

I'd like to change the top page design like paper of facebook.

This application concept is managing all time information. Dinner with family, business meeting, date with girl friend etc. Used for business and personal. I'd like to get both use.

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8 years ago - Thankful for the purchase! Hope it works well for the purpose of your project. Cheers! 📅
8 years ago - @shunsuke thank you!
8 years ago - Thankful again, Shunsuke! @shunsuke 📅
8 years ago - @shunsuke, Thks a lot for the nom!
8 years ago - @shunsuke I can't submit the modified pic by your requires. You might ask to @snapwire to re-open the request.
8 years ago - @Shunsuke. I can't submit any shot if the request is On review mode!
8 years ago - A
8 years ago - Of course! I will provide to shot Again ASAP
8 years ago - @MariannaBarbuto Thanks you for your nice photo that I nominated. I'd like to ask one more thing. Could you remove keyboard ?
8 years ago - @Shunsuke1980 Hi, Thank you for the nomination. I am going to submit a shot according to your requires within a couple of hours ( here it's just morning). Hope it works for your project. :)
8 years ago - Sorry. I don't know how to use tag. @Marianna Barbuto @Marianna @MariannaBarbuto @Marianna_Barbuto
8 years ago - @ambee That was a beautiful image that I nominate. This position is good. iMac is top and a Calendar(and iPhone) is left side. But if it is possible, Could you remove the picture frame and code behind iMac? And I expect background is just the empty wooden table not room wall.