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We're looking for photos of people in a business meeting that have an authentic feel. They can be in a casual place like cafe or more business setting like in an office, conference or meeting room. Devices or technology they use like laptops, tablets, smartphones or even pen and paper are also welcome. Add some realness by being not perfectly composed and stay away from submitting stock/sterile looking photos. Happy Shooting!

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6 years ago - Thanks for the useful place to use my photos which was simply laying on mobile...
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6 years ago - Thanks for the nomination
6 years ago - Thank you so much for the nomination Snapwire ! :)
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6 years ago - very good work
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6 years ago - Hey Snapwire, thank you for the nominations! πŸ˜€
6 years ago - 2048 pixels by the long edge is enough or should the image be full-res?
6 years ago - authentic business meeting front view conversation.