Authentic Family Life Around the World

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We're looking for authentic, organic images representing traditional family life in these countries: India, China, Indonesia, Japan, Philippines, Mexico, Brazil, Russia, Spain, Germany, France.

These photos must be representative of everyday life in one of the countries listed above and all models appearing in shots must be ethnically representative of the country. When uploading, please indicate in the caption of the photo which country you are depicting. Please read all the guidelines below to understand what we're looking for.

General Creative Concepts We'd Like to See:
The Outdoors, Food & Family Meals, At Home, Technology

Concept Ideas:
family walks, sports, exploring, hiking, playground fun, swimming, other outdoor activities, cooking/eating meals, picnic, eating out, shopping at the market, getting ready for school, watching movies, reading, cleaning, homework, kids and technology, cars and transportation, arts and crafts, music

General Requirements:
- DSLR Camera required
- Wide aperture lens (35-85mm)
- Natural Light

- All models MUST depict the accurate ethnicity of one of the countries listed
- All photos MUST contain proper model releases

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Additional Requirements
Orientation :
Environment :
Lighting :
Space For Copy :
Model Release :
Required (if applicable)
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