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For this Challenge, we'd like to see fire and firefighters. Portraits of firefighters, fire trucks, fireman rescuing a person or a pet, extinguishing fire, group of firefighters, riding in firetruck, fireman's pole and fire stations. You may also submit photos of fire, flames, bonfire and people or kids in firefighter costume. Good luck and Happy Shooting!

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5 years ago - Genuine heroes everyday.
5 years ago - congrats to all who got nominated
5 years ago - Thanks for the nominations Snapwire username to send a message to the Buyer or others...
5 years ago - Thank you for nominating my photo!
5 years ago - Respect to all those who risk their lives to protect others'...
5 years ago - Thanks a lot for the nominations! Respect to all honor firefighters!
5 years ago - thanks a lot for the nomination.
5 years ago - Thanks for the nomination
5 years ago - Thanks for the nominations
5 years ago - Melanie E. Smith, hi from Costarrican volunteer Firefighter. Firefighters forever
5 years ago - Thanks for the nomination
5 years ago - Thanks for the nominations!!
5 years ago - im not exactly sure what kind of pictures you are looking for. i have those from 9/11. i have my fathers funeral pictures. i have his FDNY memorial pictures.... so many different categories from 9/11, my father and the FDNY. please lmk what I should do here. This is my first time on this app and I
5 years ago - Hi, my name is Melanie. My father, FF Roy E. Smith (FDNY ret. 2003) passed away on 4/2/2017 from 4th stage lung cancer which was caused directly from 9/11 and his time spent at Ground Zero. I have authentic, up close, never seen before pictures of the FDNY, on 9/11, at Ground Zero. Taken by my dad
5 years ago - Thank you for the Nomination :)