Friday Night

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This challenge is all about Friday Night. The best photo gets $25, and the most creative shots will be chosen for the Premium Collection.

It's officially the weekend! Time to relax and have some fun. Show us your definition of the perfect kickback. Romantic dinners, tailgate BBQs, and dance parties are fair game. Look to capture the moments that you’ll remember for a lifetime, or at least until next Friday night. Be authentic, get creative, and enjoy the weekend! (:

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9 years ago - Congrats to Timothy -- love the atmosphere and feel of a Friday evening get together. :) Thanks everyone!
9 years ago - Thanks @timothymulcare, the owner of the request - in this case Snapwire - has the ability to nominate photos. @Chelsealbarra
9 years ago - @ChelseaIbarra Only the buyer can nominate submissions to a request
9 years ago - How do you nominate a photo?
9 years ago - Thank you so much for the nomination!
9 years ago - Thanks for the nomination 😁
9 years ago - Thanx!