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For this Snapwire Challenge we are looking for images that showcase healthcare, healthcare workers, and medical professionals. Images can also include the details and tools used by these individuals in their occupations. This challenge is open to images of any type of healthcare; nurses, doctors, dentists, specialized technicians or other health specialists. Make sure that your images are unique and authentic in appearance, but please make sure to have permissions for any individuals appearing in your images. So get out there and capture some images that showcase the great job that many people do to help others. Good Luck and Happy Shooting!

Example Images Used Under Creative Commons 2.0 License:
Example 1:©Anoto AB via Flickr
Example 3 :©World Bank Photo Collection via Flickr

Additional Requirements
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Environment :
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Health Care Occupations Science People
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8 years ago - Wow 400 submissions and one buy
8 years ago - Congratulations @xsan on winning this Snapwire Challenge. A Unique angle, and a different medical subject made this our favorite.
8 years ago - Thanks very much for the nomination :-)
8 years ago - Submitted my photo :) hope you like it and feel free to check out my profile!
8 years ago - Thanks for another nomination
8 years ago - Thanks for the nomination...I have many shots similar shots if you are interested...
8 years ago - Thanks for the nomination