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Let's celebrate National Pet Day and the love you have for you furry friends! Show off your favorite cute, messy, sleepy, or funny moments of the animals in your life!

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2 years ago - couldn't log in for days and still can't upload to a challenge what the heck. do you need to be of a certain level before you can enter a challenge?
2 years ago - It's a shame to see captive dolphins being promoted on this platform. Dolphins are NOT pets, and should never be in captivity. Come on Snapwire - please do better.
2 years ago - how is this working
2 years ago - not 1 out of 5 nominated :/ think it's time I say screw this app 😂
2 years ago - how to add keyword,
2 years ago - hey
2 years ago - how Do I get to start
2 years ago - Thank you so much for the nominations !
2 years ago - Thanks for the nomination !!!
2 years ago - same here. nothing is uploading
2 years ago - Tried submitting a photo twice yesterday. Nothing added to portfolio, so I don't think it posted here either.
2 years ago - Snap where media I absolutely read the entire brief before I submitted my photos. Was there something else you need to say thank you forthe guidance
2 years ago - maizing